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C/E System – Single Standard Collar

C/E System – Standard Collars Stacked

Who We Are
The C/E Foundation System is a collaborative venture of CHANCE®, the premier manufacturer of power installed steel helical screw foundations, and ENTERPRISE a family of precast concrete and stone producers with a long history of furnishing quality and innovative precast products of all types. Our mutual goal is to provide designers, owners and contractors with a new pole foundation system that has the reusability and fast installation benefits of CHANCE Instant Foundations® plus the appearance and maintenance benefits of concrete bases…without the hassle of pouring concrete on site.

CHANCE Instant Foundations® The world’s first practical earth anchor was invented in 1912 by Albert Bishop Chance. Today the company Mr. Chance founded is known as A.B. CHANCE and is owned by Hubbell Power Systems, Inc., located in Centralia, Missouri. A.B. CHANCE has a history of more than 100 years of anchoring leadership. During this period A.B. CHANCE has accumulated anchoring knowledge unsurpassed by any other anchor manufacturer. That is why CHANCE is the international leader in earth anchoring. CHANCE Instant Foundations are designed to comply with AASHTO specifications for highway signs, luminaires and traffic signals. To learn more about these products, the company and technical support visit www.abchance.com

ENTERPRISE Concrete Collars Enterprise is a diversified family of quality precast companies located in Nebraska and Texas. Enterprise Properties, Inc., the parent company, was established in 1940. Visit www.enterprise-properties.com to learn more about the Enterprise companies. STONCO, Inc., one of the Enterprise companies located in Omaha, Nebraska, has produced custom designed precast products used throughout the United States. STONCO’s PCI Certified architectural precast stone and concrete production facilities produce the Enterprise brand Concrete Collars. STONCO stands out from other precast concrete producers by assuring customers of high level product quality. Enterprise Concrete Collars are sold through local distributors, supported through a national network of independent representative organizations that represent both CHANCE foundations and ENTERPRISE collars. Thus, designers, owners and contractors in most areas are supported locally to develop and supply C/E System solutions.