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C/E System – Single Standard Collar

C/E System – Standard Collars Stacked

C/E System — What Is It?
The C/E System is a new and unique street light foundation system. Two products comprise this field proven system: a special compatible CHANCE Instant Foundation and a proprietary, patent-pending, precast concrete collar supplied by the Enterprise Companies under the trade name Enterprise Concrete Collars. The steel anchor and concrete collar work together as a system to provide appropriate lighting structural support, as well as a quality concrete base appearance.

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The power-driven steel CHANCE® Helical Screw Anchor provides all the structural strength for the light pole. To learn more about how it works structurally and how to select the right anchor for your application, click here for CHANCE® ANCHORS.

The Enterprise Concrete Collar™ provides both the attractive, consistent look of quality and concrete’s unmatched protection from grounds maintenance damage. The most popular configuration features a standard concrete gray color and an acid etched finish. A 24” outside diameter and a nominal depth of 12” allows designers to specify concrete exposure above finished grade from 1.5” to 8.0”. To learn more about other standard sizes, colors and finishes, as well as available special order shapes and features, click here for ENTERPRISE COLLARS™.

C/E System Benefits:
Now you can have the speed of Chance Foundations and the appearance of concrete bases without the hassle of casting concrete on site.

  • APPEARANCE - Consistent quality appearance of concrete pole bases for roadways, streetlights, parks, parking lots and other campus applications
  • DESIGNER FLEXIBILITY - A full range of decorative concrete color, finish and detail options
  • SUSTAINABLE - Reuse and relocation ability
  • GREEN MATERIALS - Recyclable steel anchors that ship efficiently and collars that use 80% less concrete than full concrete foundations
  • ADJUSTABLE – Concrete exposure above finished grade can be raised or lowered after finish grading or landscaping
  • ENGINEERED – 100 years of CHANCE Anchoring engineering know-how
  • POLE PROTECTION – From regular road / grounds maintenance damage
  • REPAIR & REPLACEMENT – That match surrounding foundations
  • ALL WEATHER INSTALL – Replace or relocate without site cast concrete
  • STOCKABLE – Repair products you can store
  • ONE-DAY COMPLETION – Install foundation and light-up in one day.
  • HASSLE FREE – No spoils, forms, anchor bolts, template, jigs and wet concrete
  • FINISH FASTER – Complete projects in at least in half the time*
  • INSTALL MORE / DAY – At least 4 times more bases/day than cast-in-place*
  • EQUAL or LOWER COST – Up to 20% lower cost than site cast foundations*
(*) Based on conservative cost comparison studies.

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