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C/E System – Single Standard Collar

C/E System – Standard Collars Stacked


Electrical Contractors who prefer cost-efficient CHANCE® Steel Anchor Foundations to poured-in-place concrete: The C/E System is attractive, green, relocatable and can be installed in any weather … a great Value Engineering Proposal!

Installation Instruction (PDF)         Installation (Video)       Cost Comparison (PDF)

C/E System Benefits:
Now you can have the speed of Chance Foundations and the appearance of Concrete Bases without the hassle of casting concrete on site.

  • APPEARANCE – Consistent quality appearance of concrete pole bases for roadways, streetlights, parks, campuses, parking lots and other applications
  • DESIGNER FLEXIBILITY – A full range of decorative concrete color, finish and detail options
  • SUSTAINABLE – Reuse and relocation ability
  • GREEN MATERIALS – Recyclable steel anchors that ship efficiently and collars that use 80% less concrete than full concrete foundations.
  • ADJUSTABLE – Concrete exposure above finished grade can be raised or lowered after finish grading or landscaping
  • ENGINEERED – 100 years of CHANCE Anchoring Engineering Know-How
  • POLE PROTECTION – From regular road / grounds maintenance damage
  • REPAIR & REPLACEMENT – That match surrounding foundations
  • ALL WEATHER INSTALL – Replace or relocate without site cast concrete.
  • STOCKABLE – Repair products you can store
  • ONE DAY COMPLETION – Install foundation and light-up in one day.
  • HASSLE FREE – No spoils, forms, anchor bolts, template, jigs and wet concrete
  • FINISH FASTER – Complete projects in at least in half the time*
  • INSTALL MORE / DAY – At least 4 times more bases/day than cast-in-place*
  • EQUAL or LOWER COST – Up to 20% lower cost than site cast foundations*

(*) Based on conservative cost comparison studies.


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