Enterprise Collars

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Pole Base Solution
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C/E System – Single Standard Collar

C/E System – Standard Collars Stacked

Enterprise Concrete Collars
The fast, affordable pre-cast solution for rugged, attractive concrete lighting foundations.

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Who’s Interested?
Designers, specifiers, facility managers and contractors concerned about the appearance and maintenance of their expensive decorative lighting poles

Architects & Landscape Architects
looking for a cost-effective way to specify a high quality concrete pole base: The C/E System can be customized to your choice of foundation color, finish and shape, so you control the look!

Lighting Designers & Electrical Engineers
who want pole foundations that complement their aesthetic lighting design without busting the budget: The C/E System never detracts from your design … and it is “green”, too!

Facility and Public Works Managers
who need to minimize lawn and snow removal damage to expensive poles and pole bases on streetscapes, parks and campuses: The C/E System eliminates concrete pouring, allowing you to stock parts for quick, consistent base repairs and relocation!

Electrical Contractors
who prefer cost-efficient CHANCE® Steel Anchor Foundations to poured-in-place concrete: The C/E System is attractive, green, relocatable and can be installed in any weather … a great Value Engineering Proposal!